Ethical and Animal-Friendly Fall Outerwear

  • September 24, 2020

    Ethical and Animal-Friendly Fall Outerwear

    Do you ever take a second to think about if your outerwear is ethically-sourced and animal-friendly? As we inch closer to cooler weather, many of us will start to dig out our Fall coats and jackets. Former fashion trends like fur trimming and leather accents might be cute to wear around town, however, they come at the expense of intense and disturbing animal cruelty. Foxes, rabbits, cows, geese, and wolves suffer as a result of the production of these Fall accents and we definitely do not want to be a part of it! Thankfully, an abundance of ethically-sourced clothing brands are dishing out the trendiest Fall styles without any of the cruelty towards animals, and we are here to “fluff” up their ego a bit.

    Warmth Without the Cruelty

    Before you start doubting the quality or effectiveness of an alternative-down jacket, let us tell you firsthand that they work just as well as regular goose feather down. Even the feel and fit are nearly identical, just without the hefty price tag that comes along with real animal fur… which we’re obviously all okay with (that just means more money for PSL, duh). Down feathers come from a process called live-plucking; and yes, it’s as horrifying as it sounds. Live-plucking involves gruesomely ripping feathers from completely coherent and alert ducks and geese, causing intense pain and sometimes even death. Why subject animals through this unnecessary suffering when there are completely acceptable and effective alternatives? Read on to learn more about some trendy and ethical substitutes from our favorite brands.

    Ethical Outerwear Brands for the Cold Weather

    Save the Duck

    Frank and Oak *Not only are their coats stuffed with featherless insulation, but they also use recycled plastic to create their water and wind-resistant outer shells.


    Wuxly Movement *Trade in fur-trimmed or down-filled jackets for a credit towards a Wuxly jacket!

    Ditch the Fur & Feathers

    As we enter into Fall, remember that we don’t need to rely on animal skin, fur, and feathers to stay warm. Companies like Canada Goose – who use goose feathers and fur from wolves – are under extreme pressure from consumers to ditch their outdated and unethical ways, and adopt more earth-friendly, cruelty-free materials. On the other hand, brands like Stella McCartney, Old Navy, Jessica Simpson, and Patagonia have heeded these outcries and are already pushing out lines of vegan purses, shoes, and puffers, making this idea of ‘compassionate glam’ more mainstream. Do you know what in your closet is ethical and cruelty-free?


    Written by Lexi Young, Team LOUD