Why Everyone Should Celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month

  • October 14, 2020

    Why Everyone Should Celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month

    The month of October is dedicated to Vegetarian Awareness Month and we believe everyone should celebrate it. If ditching meat for an entire month seems like a no-go, consider opting for one plant-based meal a week or better yet, day. We promise you it is not as scary or as bland as it sounds. In fact, plant-based meals are surprisingly easy to cook up, not to mention packed with flavor, protein, and tons of nutritional goodness. Whether you are a seasoned connoisseur or new to the veggie game, eating meat-free this month is a great way to improve your health, decrease your carbon footprint, reduce animal cruelty, or just try something new!

    Bite into the Benefits

    A plant-based diet has a multitude of incredible benefits that make Vegetarian Awareness Month worth celebrating. First, a growing number of studies are showing a drastic reduction in the risk of diabetes, various cancers, and heart disease simply by removing meat from your diet. The potential for nutrient deficiencies in a vegetarian diet is proving to be nothing other than a myth, as lifetime vegetarians experience improved quality of life and health. Although a vegetarian diet incorporates some animal products, be mindful of overdoing it on the cheese and eggs to compensate for lack of animal-protein as these foods can increase cholesterol, weight gain, and saturated fat. Plant-based proteins like beans, nuts, seed, tofu, and leafy greens provide plenty of the hunger-curbing and muscle-building fullness you need!

    Another benefit of a vegetarian diet, and one that is severely underrated, is the major impact it has on the environment. The resources needed to support a veggie-based diet yield 2.5x less carbon emissions than a meat-based diet. This is due to the fact that a diet grounded in plants avoids the Co2 produced through commercialized animal agriculture and deforestation that occurs as a result of raising livestock. The detrimental impact of the meat industry on the planet doesn’t end there. In addition to polluting our air, animal agriculture is also a major contributor to water and soil pollution. If the benefits of a vegetarian diet on your health aren’t enough to incentivize you to give it a try, perhaps the fact that adopting a vegetarian diet for one year is equivalent to taking one car off the road for six months might do the trick[1]. The choice is yours!

    Need some culinary inspo?

    We got you covered. Check out the following vegetarian culinary gurus who dish out some of the tastiest plant-based bites we’ve ever tried!





    Celebrating this Month & Beyond

    If you care about the planet, your health, and not inflicting harm on animals, eating vegetarian is one of the most impactful things you can do. Even though October is the official month celebrating a plant-based diet, you can (and should!) incorporate more meatless meals into your day-to-day life. PSA: if you are in the Miami area, eateries like Love Life Cafe, Aguacate Juice Bar, and Manna Life Food have TONS of yummy options to try out if you are sick of cooking! And if you are in the District of Columbia, you definitely should check out HipCityVeg or Fruitive.

    What vegetarian or plant-friendly restaurants are in your neighborhood that we should try? Let us know!


    Written by Lexi Young, Team LOUD



    [1] https://vegsoc.org/info-hub/why-go-veggie/environment/


    Veganism and the Environment