An Empowered You

Socially Loud has developed and produced An Empowered You conference since 2015.

We partnered with “An Empowered You” to stand out in the self-empowerment industry by providing unique topics, conversations, and vulnerability through numerous events and social influencer campaigns around the nation. 

Socially Loud produced conferences, events, chats and launched a podcast, creating a forum for all cultures and professional backgrounds to set up and consider their self-care and legacy. We provided an open space for 100,000+ women to come together and think, dream and act on the goals they have set out for themselves.

One mission: To motivate women in life and business.

Join us—email to get involved.

An Empowered You 2022

For everything, there is a season under the sun. There is a time to be born and a time to die. As we navigate our years, we find ourselves living many lives. And through many series of events, we encounter loss, struggle and hardships along the way. With each battle we overcome we are reborn again and again, giving birth to something new, beautiful, powerful, and strong. We take lessons along the way that shape the divine plan for our lives.

And so, we welcomed you to experience a rebirth. An agenda with one goal in mind to empower and motivate women.

An Empowered You 2020

An Empowered You-Rise was designed to empower others to reach their full potential in business and life.

Three panels: Diversify your income, The healing power of plants and Rising from within a discussion on mental health and self-love.

An Empowered You partnered with One Tree Planted for 2020, an organization dedicated to improving the environment by planting trees all around the world.

An Empowered You 2019

In 2018 we switched it up a bit with a “Sneaker Ball” theme. The evening was designed to bring together friends and colleagues, corporate leaders, mentoring providers, foundation executives, influencers, bloggers, media, government officials, and the general public, all who share a passion for empowering and uplifting others.

Overall we had two hundred and fifty guests in attendance and were able to raise over $7,000 for numerous philanthropic initiatives in 2019 that included sponsoring single mothers, feeding the less fortunate on thanksgiving day and sponsoring teachers for back to school.

An Empowered You 2017

In 2017 An Empowered You presented fashion, music, and empowerment. Designers such as Angel Brinks Fashion and Puma hit the runway. A panel and performances that kept guests empowered from start to finish.

An Empowered You 2015

On the pursuit of growth in life and in business, women joined together to inspire and motivate one another. The event featured a panel of influencers within a variety of industries.

Partial proceeds of this event went to two organizations advocating for women empowerment, The Women’s Hour and Live Fierce.