Bee’s Pastry Cafe

Bee’s Pastry Cafe in El Paso, Texas, is a minority women-owned business, passionate about bringing a Puerto Rican bakery to the community and contracted Socially Loud to help bring their vision to reality.

Socially Loud partnered with Bee’s Pastry Cafe to provide services that ranged from branding, marketing, website design/development, and consulting on concepts such as the cafe’s name, logo redesign, menu item suggestions, indoor space design, design of marketing and social collateral, POS system, community relationships, and producing two grand opening events with one the state and local officials including El Paso’s chambers of commerce as well as a community event open to the public where we were able to draw in over 250 residents.

Socially Loud launched a digital campaign strong enough to amplify sales and increase their income by 200% in the first few weeks in business. By providing specific strategies for outreach on various social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, local community organizations, and small businesses Socially Loud spread the word about Bee’s pastry cafe. We helped drive sales on opening day through today, highlighting them as the much-needed cafe in the area.